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The House

ATELIER MATERI is a premium French fragrance house that combines consummate craftsmanship with a contemporary vision. Inspired by the power and raw beauty of nature, our creations are a unique fusion of substance and style, of high-quality materials and a sober modernist aesthetic.

It is the hand of man that gives a product a soul, so we call on master craftsmen every step of the way, from the painstaking process of material selection to the production of our fragrances and flacons.


Each ATELIER MATERI perfume explores a single raw material. Whether precious, traditional or unusual, it is painstakingly refined by our perfumer to bring out its intimate nuances and innermost secrets in a stark and unique unisex fragrance.


ATELIER MATERI flacons are of sleek design, in our signature shade of deep, dark midnight blue, bearing the ATELIER MATERI stamp of authenticity and fine craftsmanship. The cap is made of concrete, the modernist material par excellence, finished with an antique bronze patina. Each piece is entirely handmade and unique.


ATELIER MATERI prioritizes three fundamental values: integrity, respect and fairness. We favor sustainable local sourcing and products made in France, and we cultivate relations with our partners based on dialogue, transparency and fair trade. In our choice of raw materials, we require guarantees from our suppliers that their activities respect for the environment and do not involve any testing on animals. We are also committed to empowering women: from our artistic director to product design and packaging, ATELIER MATERI’s entire value chain is run and staffed by women.