Inspired by raw beauty of materials and those who reveal them, ATELIER MATERI is a premium French perfume house that has chosen a new form of luxury. An honest, sincere and authentic luxury that takes the time to make.

ATELIER MATERI combines expert craftsmanship with a contemporary vision, and surrounds itself with artists and craftsmen, from the harvesting of its raw materials to the creation of its fragrances, bottles and boxes.

Each fragrance offers a minimal, contemporary olfactory variation around one single raw material revisited with conviction and independence. Its creations are distinguished by their purity, modernity and singularity.

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It is what inspires us, what we select from among myriad possibilities.
It is sown, grown and harvested by hand, close to the earth or in the crowns of trees.
Sifted and air-dried, peeled and pared, it is dissolved or distilled, steamed or roasted, filtered, blended, or extracted from rocks and soil.
Handpicked for its purity and nuances, it is replete unto itself and ready to reveal its subtle secrets.
Blown, shaped and sculpted, it bears the mark of the consummate craftsman.
Rough-hewn or smoothly polished, its tactile textures come alive in your hand, an original objet d’art.
It opens out, unfurling, unfolding, bestowing its beauty and bounty.
It changes hands and crosses continents.
Nothing would be possible without it.
For it is the fine fruit of the creative action of mind upon matter.

Cacao Porcelana

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