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Driven by the desire to create with a pace respectful of the rhythms of creative process, craftsmanship and nature, ATELIER MATERI chooses a new form of luxury.

An honest, sincere and authentic luxury that takes the time to perfect itself.


ATELIER MATERI develops a personal signature, imbued with freedom and creativity, uninhibited by marketing constraints and ephemeral trends.

Respectful of the time required by the creative process, mindful of our collaborators’ crafts, we study the material, explore its facets, its textures, and search for innovative pairings and new interpretations.

We pursue our creative choices with conviction and independence at heart, offering a distinctive olfactory signature in all our fragrances.


ATELIER MATERI is committed to a sustainable and fair-trade process throughout the development of its fragrances.

We establish relationships based on collaboration, transparency and fair remuneration with our partners.

Following the principle of a short supply chain, we favour local sourcing and French manufacturing. Our perfumers are based in the Grasse region. Our flacon is made in France and Germany, its cap handmade in a workshop in Brittany, and its box assembled near Paris.

We pay particular attention to the selection of our raw materials, making sure the work of our producers and suppliers is respectful of the environment. The natural ingredients are always selected with exceptional quality and ecological preservation in mind, without ever threatening the natural resources. We also ensure that no testing is performed on animals.