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Rose Ardoise

Eau de parfum

(5 customer reviews)

Floral, Woody, Amber

A bold interpretation of the rose, where the flower reveals itself as urban and mineral.

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Olfactory approach

The perfumer Céline Perdriel highlights two exceptional varieties of rose: the Damascena rose from Turkey, with its floral, fruity and spicy notes, and the Centifolia rose from Grasse, with its round, warm and honeyed facets.

In ROSE ARDOISE, the perfumer plays on ambiguities, combining femininity and masculinity, transparency and texture, minerality and sensuality.

The fragrance opens with fresh, spicy notes of schinus molle and nutmeg that reflect the clear, crystalline vibration of sage. Then, the rose expresses itself entirely before progressively melting into an overdose of ambroxan.

A singular composition that affirms its androgynous and contemporary character.

Unisex fragrance.
Made in France.

Perfumer: Céline Perdriel


« An interpretation of an urban and contemporary rose blooming from a concrete ground. A fragrance that blurs the lines between feminine and masculine. »

Véronique Le Bihan


  • Top : Nutmeg, Schinus Molle
  • Heart : Rose, Sage
  • Base : Vetiver, Leather, Ambroxan

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  1. EN


    Rose Adroise completely surprises me. I love the way Rose is done in a completely unisex way. This one smelled like none of them and I love that.

  2. EN


    Love this one! A great rose scent option for people who think they don’t like rose scents 

  3. EN


    One of the most sublime Rose perfumes. I am totally in love with this beauty. 

  4. EN


    Rose Ardoise was a pleasant surprise for me. To my nose it opens spicy with a touch of green notes. The rose is more of a wild rose with mineral touches. Towards the dry down the rose fades to leave space for the sage and the ambroxan. You are left with a cosy and uplifting scent, perfect for a romantic evening in. Rose Ardoise is definitely a different rose than you’re used to.

  5. EN


    I found nothing classic about Rose Ardoise. It’s strikingly cold and untouchable, elegant and modern, meticulously structured and extremely wearable, with an edgy personality of its own.

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