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Cacao Porcelana

Eau de parfum

(8 customer reviews)

Sweet, Woody

An elegant and distinctive fragrance, carried by the choice of an unusual ingredient, the white cocoa.

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Olfactory approach

A rare variety, this white cocoa grows in the heart of the oldest plantations, in Piura, north-west Peru. Extracted by hand from the pods, the beans are fermented before being sun-dried and roasted.

In order to capture the most beautiful facets of this white cocoa, the perfumer collaborated with a French Maître Chocolatier to obtain the perfect roasting, thus revealing sensual nutty and milky notes, with Tonka bean undertone.

After a sweet rum opening, the perfumer Marie Hugentobler unveils the addictive bitterness of the cocoa, comforted by powdery and woody notes. A dry down of light tobacco, patchouli and sandalwood follows, giving CACAO PORCELANA its sensual and unique signature.

Unisex fragrance.
Made in France.

Perfumer: Marie Hugentobler


« Cacao Porcelana is inspired by childhood memories with my grandparents. The smell of chocolate blends with the scent of tobacco and Patchouli perfume. A true Proustian madeleine. »

Véronique Le Bihan


  • Top: White Cacao, Rum, Everlasting
  • Heart: Indian Jasmine, Light Tobacco, Davana
  • Base: Patchouli, Sandalwood, Tonka Bean

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  1. EN


    It possesses a unique chocolate fragrance, distinct from others. To me, it’s a well-balanced blend with the prominent aroma of dusty and bitter cacao infused with rhum. One of the best gourmand perfumes in my collection!

  2. EN


    Cacao Porcelana is a delicious, boozy, Cacao scent that feels a bit dry and slightly powdery. This is a very seductive fragrance, that smells very delicious, but it is very well balanced. It is an addictive fragrance that will certainly make you feel cozy, but you will smell sexy too.

  3. EN


    I am blown away by the quality of this beauty. A gorgeous dry cocoa powdery scent. Addictive. I can’t get enough.

  4. EN


    Cacao Porcelana es una de las mejores fragancias que he probado con esta nota. El cacao se percibe con fuerza en la salida y durante todo el desarrollo. Este es un aroma gourmand que a su vez se siente elegante y seductor, ya que se encuentra bien equilibrado y fusionado con otras notas: ron, siempreviva, jazmín, flor de tabaco, haba tonka, pachulí y sándalo; aportan luz, profundidad, frescura y una textura cremosa. Maravilloso.

  5. EN


    Cacao Porcelona is truly spectacular take on a chocolate gourmand but without being too sweet.

    The composition is a beautiful blend. This to me is more of a raw cacao scent, it smells like an authentic chocolatier shop. The white tobacco gives this an edge, it’s subtle but not overpowering. It leans musky with the hints of powdered cacao but there is a sweetness from the vanilla and tonka. I can’t wait to try more from the brand.

  6. FR


    Quel beau parfum, bien équilibré et tellement addictif !

  7. EN


    Atelier Materi’s Cacao Porcelana is a fragrance that transcends the ordinary, weaving an olfactory tapestry that is both captivating and indulgent. From the moment the top notes unfold to the lingering base notes, this perfume invites you on a journey of sensorial delight.

  8. EN


    Cacao Porcelana is warm, seductive and delectable.

    On my skin, the cocoa is there throughout the whole time. The rum note gets darker as the fragrance dries down. The tobacco lends an earthy nuanced sweetness and elegance.

    As a gourmand perfume, its sweetness is not over the top. I love it!

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